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All About Us

We provide professional and skilled brickwork & stonework repairs, cleaning, and waterproofing to make your structure look its best while also fixing those stubborn problems. We are Chicagoland’s experts in masonry building and repairs to keep your home or office building in top shape and looking great.

No matter what the brickwork or stonework problem might be, we can help! Our contractors are the perfect source for expert brickwork and stonework repair and restoration, right down to the foundations. We’ll take your crumbling brickwork or stonework and turn back the clock to give you the structure you once had. It will be just like new thanks to our grinding, tuckpointing, and stonework techniques. We can do this for any issue you have with the brickwork or stonework, all over your building, on the exterior and the interior.

Plus, our existing cooperative partnership with Hearths and Home in Mount Prospect gives you great access to any fireplaces, stoves, outdoor grills, and accessories you may need. We take care of every aspect of your masonry, from beginning to end.

Don’t worry if you’re not in Chicago, we can still help. Our incredible team can serve you no matter the distance. After all, our goal is to make sure your masonry and stonework are in perfect condition, so we need to be where you are. Call us today for a free estimate and let’s make your brickwork or stonework new again.



Masonry Repairs

When you have brickwork or stonework that is falling apart, whether it’s on your home, office building, retaining wall, or any other surface, our professionals can fix it. We are experts in masonry repair.


Masonry Rebuilds

Let us take care of rebuilding the problem you have been having with your brickwork or stonework. We can reconstruct any masonry issue from the ground up if necessary, to make the problem disappear, leaving only professionally rebuilt masonry.


Restoration Chimney & Fireplace

Our team of specialists are very experienced with restoring a crumbling chimney. We can make it whole again from top to bottom, including your fireplace, so you can continue using the heart of your home safely.


Power Washing

After years of weather and pollution, your building may be structurally sound but it might lack the appearance it once had. We can bring back that luster to your brickwork or stonework with a professional power wash.


Grinding and Tuckpointing

It takes great skill to make your brickwork or look and function as it should. With our grinding and tuckpointing techniques, we can restore your masonry back to its original glory.


Waterproofing and Flashing

From your roof to your bricks, your building needs to be watertight. We can fix your flashing and waterproof caulking to reseal your structure before it becomes a major leak.


At Jasak Construction, we are experts in brick and stonework. Where it’s interior stonework or exterior, we do it all. We have spent years perfecting our craft to construct countless stonework projects for our customers and we are ready to build your idea from the ground up.

When you need brickwork and stonework repair or you want new construction, trust the best to get it done for you. Trust Jasak Construction. View our selection of photos on past projects and see what we can do for you.

Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your next stonework project.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Masonry Contractors

Our team of masonry contractors has the experience and the skills to handle any masonry project. We can completely restore, rebuild, or construct your brickwork or stonework to look new and function perfectly against the elements.

Full Range of Masonry Services

We don’t just repair bricks. We offer a full range of services to accommodate your needs. We can repair your bricks and mortar, rebuild that damaged part of your building, and even take care of waterproofing and flashing issues.

Accommodating to Your Budget

We understand that costs can get out of hand quickly. That’s why we offer affordable masonry services that can you can count on to make things right without blowing your budget.